Best Calibration Service for Welding Machines and Torque Wrenches

Whether it is torque wrenches or welding machines, calibration of such equipment is crucial. You may not realize you need the calibration services of expert and experienced technicians once it’s too late. At Third Coast Gage & Calibration, we are committed to withstand our clients regarding the best calibration solution in all situations. We ensure our adorable clients get the best calibration of welding machines and torque wrench services under one roof. We focus on strengthening our relationship with our clients through top-notch calibration services.

Top-of-the-line torque Wrench Calibration Service

Whether you need top-notch service for torque wrench calibration or welding machines, look no further than Third Coast Gage & Calibration! Torque wrenches are considered indigestible tools employed in various industries. They ensure precision and accuracy in tightening bolts and fasteners. 

Torque wrench calibration at Third Coast Gage & Calibration undergoes a meticulous and systematic process that helps our patrons maximize the accuracy and reliability of these essential tools. Through careful assessment, precise adjustments, and thorough documentation, we ensure the torque wrench calibration job will be done according to the highest standards, giving customer’s confidence in their equipment’s performance. 

Calibration of Welding Machines

Third Coast Gage & Calibration is your one-stop place for welding machine calibration services. To calibrate welding machines, our experienced technicians use various testing equipment, such as ammeters/voltmeters and portable load banks. After multiple test points across the full range of devices, ensure your equipment functions according to industry standards.

Physical Capabilities

All of our standards are traceable to national or internationally recognized standards.

  • Hardness Testers
  • Hydraulic Pressure Gages up to 40,000 psi with up to 0.006% accuracy.
  • IR Thermometers
  • Optical Pyrometers
  • Torque Wrenches up to 5,000 lbs.
  • Thermometers
  • Welding Machines