The API 7-2 specification handles rotary shouldered connections, and outlines required inclusions utilized in natural gas and petroleum industries. Where the API 7-2 specification is used, many dimensional requirements are adhered to—guaranteeing quality fit and an appropriate application, regardless of thread or thread gauge.

Additionally, Specification 7-2 features accessibility for gauge practice stipulations, making it incredibly versatile across multiple industries. Gauge specifications are normally met, and thread connection inspection is often required. Both methods and instruments are utilized to maintain API 7-2 specification precision, ensuring accuracy within the following areas:

  • Thread connections
  • Drill-string components
  • Thread gauge alterations

API 7-2 Supplementary Specifications

The API 7-2 specification grants access to several additional specifications. Such supplementary specifications may be partnered with different applications—creating higher tolerance. Additionally, separate parties may be combined to facilitate the following:

  • Qualification
  • Testing
  • Finishing
  • Testing

Use with Rotary Shouldered Connections

Normally, each API 7-2 specification is completely applicable to various rotary shouldered connections. However, while incredibly flexible, an API 7-2 specification should maintain usage over several preferred connection designs. Several popular styles are listed below:

  • Regular style (REG)
  • Number style (NC)
  • Full hole style (FH)

Each style is commonly traceable to insure accuracy and support. Normally, each style supports several vital systems—such as calibration and gauge systems. Each API 7-2 specification accesses a common ISO adoption, and many natural gas industries rely upon the specification for various instruments, equipment access, and research. Where rotary drilling equipment, specifically, is concerned, gauging rotary shouldered connections needn’t be exclusive to a specific style, and threading various shouldered connections may be accessible through an API 7-2 specification.

API 7-2 Upgrades and Characteristics

API 7-2 specifications, themselves, are considered a viable upgrade from basic API 7 specifications, removing several unwieldy characteristics while replacing vital components. 7-2 specifications replace pre-existing gauging and threading, effectively working through previously installed areas. The API 7-2 specification commonly contains a featured API Monogram Annex.

The API Monogram Annex is considered a United States national adoption, and is widely used within the field. For petroleum and natural gas industries, the API 7-2 specification is incredibly important, and it grants higher access to threading opportunities.