API thread gages are utilized for pitch identification and measurement. These tools similarly identify turns-per-inch (TPI) measurements. Normally, API thread gages are useful where machine parts are concerned. API thread gages may be separated into three unique thread denominations:

  • Pitch gages
  • Ring gages
  • Plug gages

Measuring Pitch with API Thread Gages

Where the above three thread gages are concerned, pitch is determined in order to determine common machine part qualities, measurements and uses. Separate gage tools measure machine thread, and they accommodate for imperial thread measurement, too. Normally, a different thread gage matches wider thread systems, and multi-blade gages feature many patented designs.

When the gage fits the thread, the produced pitch equals that of the gage’s stamped label. Through this method, gages are adequately prepared for jobs at hand—having been specially fitted pre-threading. Ring gages are capable of measuring thread cut accuracy, and both pipe and rod surface areas may be easily measured when threads are in conformity, tapped within holes.

API Thread Gage Preservation and Precaution

API thread gages shouldn’t be exchanged for dies and taps, as these systems normally have faulty threads. Similarly, API thread gages are easily measured and cleaned, though they must be maintained properly. When utilizing API thread gages, users are urged to clean them thoroughly.

Normally, gages are utilized for a sole purpose: measurement. While API thread gages may be useful in multiple areas, users must be careful throughout measurements. API thread gages, while useful in a variety of ways, should never be used in the following ways:

  • Forced onto machine parts
  • Cleaning marginal parts
  • Sizing of marginal parts

API Thread Gage Alterations

Thread gages are available in multiple versions—and various products require different calibration tactics. Where thread-work is considered, utilizing the correct thread gage is important, and the following types may serve individuals in a variety of ways:

  • Tapered pipe thread gages
  • Straight pipe thread gages
  • 3-Wire thread measurement systems
  • Tri-roll thread comparators

Depending upon the work apparatus, several API thread gages may be required to complete jobs. Such specialized gages may be useful in custom situations, and several may be used in conjunction for cross-purpose measurement.