API (The American Petroleum Institute)

The American Petroleum Institute exists as America’s only fully-representative national trade association. Comprised of over 600 members, and serving the community via both an overarching oil company and smaller, individualized representatives, The American Petroleum Institute supports a wide array of industry segments. Labeled API for short, they offer a multitude of services to the community through their widespread expertise and highly-skilled individuals, including:

  • Refiners
  • Producers
  • Pipeline operators
  • Suppliers
  • Marine Transporters
  • Larger supply and service companies

Dedicated to a Mission

API’s overall mission is to support the nation’s oil and gas industry. Through facilitation of education, success methods, and industry practices, API intends to enlighten public policy, create a strong foundation, and advocate for beneficial change. API speaks for all natural gas and oil industries where the public people are concerned, and they’ve supported both the Executive Branch and Congress in public affairs. With overarching connections to both the media and state governments, the American Petroleum Institute has negotiated with the public and regulatory agencies. They’ve represented industry professionals in legal proceedings and have worked with other associations to achieve public goals. Additionally, the API has met both interior and exterior responsibilities through a solemn pledge to quality and honesty. Together, API and its associate businesses deliver sound science to risks, implement efficient management practices, and achieve the following:

  • Recognition and effective response to community concerns, including those pertaining to products, raw materials and operations
  • Facilities and plants are effectively operated while handling raw materials responsibly. Each are provided full safety to protect the environment and individual health.
  • Safety is made a priority while supporting environmental and general health considerations. These priorities outline development, interior processes, and new products.

API Standards and Certification

Since its establishment over 85 years ago, API has guidelines for manufacturers which include annually-approved standards. Third Coast Gage’s products cater towards all manufacturers following API’s guidelines. Third Coast Gage’s products meet API’s standards, which are set towards ensuring  Third Coast Gage’s products meet API’s standards