Custom-designed thread gages provide effective solutions for unique situations. Many builds and designs permit a variety of options, though specifications are always a priority when crafting specially-manufactured master gages and thread gages.

Where utilization is concerned, electronic and air gages are incredibly versatile—making them unique across several situations while being accommodating across various platforms, sensors and environments.

Custom Thread Gage Control and Applications

Custom gage designs maintain precision, granting them control over applications. Semi-automatic gages, while manually loaded, offer automatic gagging features. Custom-designed master gages feature several gage sensors to implement control alongside instrumentation. Complex inspection requirements are often required—guaranteeing quality control, regardless of the design.

Often, customized thread gages deliver a standardized go-and-no-go design, and both threading and plugs are offered. Additionally, specially-crafted flushes, templates and push-pins are included, matching high quality and furnished sight gages and delivering satisfaction across many specifications.

Special-design gages utilize dial indicators, granting thread gage’s control and priority in inspection routines. Each may be furnished to resolve many inspection problems. Often, custom-designed thread gages offer the following categories and amenities:

  • Radial play gages
  • Flatness gages
  • Fiber gages
  • Attribute gages
  • Paper gages

Benefits of Thread Gage Customization

Customization offers thread gage packages completely tailored to specific needs. Often, custom-designed thread gages are developed across a variety of platforms to ensure safety and reliability. Functional designs are cleared through professional services, and skilled crafters implement training and acute resources to provide reliable products.

Each custom thread gage utilizes revolutionary style and design—offering important resources within an ever-changing industry and maintaining affordable prices. Each custom design is considered a “road map” to gage creation, adhering to provided fixture requirements and maintaining critical standards.

Where go-and-no-go thread gage designs are considered, less critical resources are often required, though each component must be verified and adhere to cost efficient forms. Functional, unique thread gages utilize materials effectively, making accuracy and mass-manufacturing a prime virtue.