To gage the taper and threads of complex machinery, operators need a master rotary thread gage that provides precision readings. Master rotary thread gages are used to identify threads that are worn, even by a few thousandths of an inch. The gages come in different sizes, allowing operators to use the tools most suited for their production environment.

Master Rotary Thread Gages Aid in Precision

Mastery rotary thread gages come with easy to read measurement systems, allowing operators to make precise notes during testing. The gages are also easy to grip and maneuver in tight places, making them effective for testing on pumps and other important production equipment. The gages are effective tools for measuring compliance with national and international quality standards.

Thread gages can be used in conjunction with standards such as:

  • ISO 9001
  • API Q1
  • NIST Standards

Master Rotary Thread Gages Measure Compliance with API Standards

In particular, master rotary thread gages can be used to measure compliance with API standards. For those that work in the oil and gas industry, API compliance is essential for efficient and effective operations. Without thread gages, machinery would begin to wear and break in an untimely fashion. Ultimately, the premature wear and tear on production equipment would translate to unnecessary maintenance costs.

Rotary thread gages make precise measurements beyond a thousandth of an inch, allowing operators to keep their machinery in pristine condition ultimately enhancing the productive capacity and quality of their production environments. The measurement system for rotary gages is sensitive, making it important for operators to store these gages properly while they’re not in use. Instructions for storage and maintenance of the gages are usually provided by the manufacturer, along with an option to purchase storage devices.

Master Rotary Thread Gages are Integral Tools

Master rotary thread gages are integral tools used in oil and gas production facilities throughout the world. Without these measurement devices, machinery would not function at an optimal level and production would suffer.